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Issue 002

VR for Business

Next issue, we’re kicking off the VR for Business column!

We’ll be reviewing Jeremy Dalton’s “Reality Check,” starting from Chapter 1, and walking away with great insights.

Get your own copy below to follow along!

Reality Check

Featured Talent:


This week, we want to highlight a very special performer — CampLeroy! With his folksy style, unquestionable skill on the acoustic guitar, and self-written music, he’s knocked the socks off of XPR staff, VIPs, and become XPR Events’ most frequent performer!

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Charity Event Changes

Given the developing situation in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, XPR Events has re-targeted its upcoming charity livestream.

The event, which will take place on March 20, will now donate all proceeds to humanitarian causes assisting refugees in the region.

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The Internet of Places

This week in the Internet of Places column, find out what exactly an instance is, how instance server load is handled, and how instances can scale infinitely!

Plus, gain a little insight into how JobCon 2021 managed to handle 65,000 visitors!

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Event Innovations

XPR Events has piloted new innovations in VR event organization, allowing events to be run more smoothly, with greater cost efficiency and community involvement.

Additionally, new events are being planned — read more for a sneak peek into upcoming developments!

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Inside XPR

XPR Labs would like to extend congratulations to a few of our newest staff members: Gabriel Brien, our new event organizer; Kevin Cheng, our new world developer; and Kasper Kroenen, another new world developer!

Welcome to the team, guys!

Yes, I know I’m running a bit late, and that you guys have been here for a bit — sorry about that, but I’m sure glad to have you around anyway!