XPR News
Issue 001

Week in Review

Check out XPR’s Week in Review, and find out about notable events that you may have missed, a quick review of interesting activities from this week, and personal insights into XPR Labs!

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Meeting Schedule Changes

XPR Labs is rolling out changes to the regular meeting schedule, in order to better communicate with employees and improve morale.

Better communication means better service, so it’s a win-win for employee and consumer alike!

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XPR Events Charity

As part of a new, charity-driven effort on the part of XPR Events, the company is organizing a large-scale charity stream, to take place in mid-March.

Early estimates place the potential donations at two to three thousand dollars or more, all to be donated directly to the American Red Cross.

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The Internet of Places

This week in the Internet of Places column, learn about the very beginning of the next era of the internet, listen to the author quibble about naming conventions, and find out about the future topics for the column!

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JobCon 2022 Planning

XPR Events has announced the development of JobCon 2022, slated to run at the end of April or May.

This will be the second edition of the world record-breaking conference, and expectations are high regarding attendance and sales success.

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XPR Spotlight: MadMoxx

This week, yet another incredible performer entered the XPR Events hall of fame — MadMoxx, the “punk-rock panda”! We’ve got exclusive footage from the show, including some of MadMoxx’s original song-writing!

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XPR Launches Newsletter

XPR Events has launched an official newsletter, promising to deliver recent company developments along with general VR and XR events news on a weekly basis.

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