AWE Nite Northern XR: AR on Location

AWEvengers Assemble!

Welcome to AWE Nite Northern XR: AR on Location! This event will focus on location-based Augmented Reality and is part of the “AR on Location” world tour. It will take place from 18:30-19:30 EEST (Helsinki time)

Thanks to our sponsor Spatial8!

AWE Nite Northern XR thanks photographer Teemu Rönkkö for capturing the image above (Feb. 2021).


We will be the testing the new AWE.Live platform!

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2) Then visit to login to the community and setup your profile. On the agenda RSVP to this Wednesday’s AWE Nite Northern XR by clicking the register button on this session.

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18:30-18:35 Welcome & Intro

18:35-18:45 Spatial8 Presents Spatial News™ with Teemu Ollilainen, Prime Minister of XR Nation

18:45-18:50 An overview of the last 3 years of Google Maps Live View by Justin Quimby, Senior Product Manager of Google Maps Live View

18:50-19:00 The latest from Niantic in the AR space plus some new demos Meghan Hughes, Head of GTM of Niantic Real World Platform

19:00-19:10 The latest from Immersal’s AR cloud SDK plus demo by Anttoni Vesterinen, CEO of Immersal

19:10-19:25 Q&A

19:25-19:30 Announcements & Closing

Meet the Sponsor:

Spatial8 is a modern business hub designed to bring emerging technology companies and ecosystems in Europe closer together in order to better educate the market, improve business, and facilitate innovation.

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