XPR Events launches official newsletter

February 12, 2022
Sullivan Huebner | [email protected]

XPR Events has launched an official newsletter, promising to deliver recent company developments along with general VR and XR events news on a weekly basis.

The newsletter will feature a number of columns, including “The Internet of Places”, which will discuss the VR real-estate and venue market, as well as “VR for Business”, which will discuss ways that modern businesses can put VR to work in their organizations and industries.

Also included are a number of general interest articles for both internal and external consumption, allowing the publication to serve the needs of both XPR Events employees and the general public.

The newsletter is open to the public, and readers are encouraged to share articles or send subscription links to friends, family, or coworkers.

The first edition of XPR News is set to run on February 12, 2022, and will continue to publish weekly on Fridays.