XPR Labs pilots meeting schedule changes

February 12, 2022
Sullivan Huebner | [email protected]

XPR Labs is rolling out changes to their regular meeting schedule, intended to improve internal communications and strengthen employee morale.

Previously, XPR Labs has held meetings each day at 7 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. However, employee feedback showed that this timeslot only allowed ~50% of employees to attend. Employees outside of North America, as well as employees working on the website or XPRience platform development, found themselves unable to attend.

In order to create an environment more conducive to fluid communication, and create a more convenient meeting schedule, XPR Labs recently polled employees regarding meeting preferences and availability. The results of this poll are anticipated to be available by the end of the month.

Early results show that most employees would prefer to meet earlier in the day, and that general availability aligns with North American working hours. Furthermore, many employees would be interested in weekly or biweekly topic-specific meetings, which could include development status updates, employee work spotlights, or infrequent “all-staff” meetings.

XPR leadership is also considering the viability of reinstating VR meetings and rekindling use of the XPR Labs VR co-working space, to improve availability of staff and create better feelings of physical presence.