XPR Events innovates in VR event format

March 7, 2022
Sullivan Huebner | [email protected]

As part of XPR Events’ ongoing research into VR events, the company is piloting a number of novel new approaches to VR community event hosting.

In late 2021, XPR Events piloted their “one tech, one show” solution to community events. Under this model, the company assigns a single event organizer to manage any given community-focused event.


This model has been exceptionally effective, drastically reducing costs incurred while running non-profit events. The organizers are trained to manage event logistics, streaming, and audience engagement, effectively serving as “jacks-of-all-trades” for event management.

The success of the new solution has encouraged XPR Events to branch into a number of new event formats. In late February, XPR Events collaborated with community filmmakers to show indie films in the famed XPR Auditorium.

Now, XPR Events is looking into novel new event styles. The company’s events division is now piloting theatre programs, film showings, game nights, and themed musical events, in a highly-successful push to expand the group’s lineup of VR-exclusive offerings.

Furthermore, XPR Events is furthering its collaboration with community event organizers, allowing community leaders to host XPR Events branded events under supervision of XPR Events staff. This has enabled further integration and cooperation with the existing communities within the growing subculture of VR, and rapid expansion of event offerings.