XPR Events heading joint charity-stream effort

February 12, 2022
Sullivan Huebner | [email protected]

As part of a new, charity-driven effort on the part of XPR Events, the company is organizing a large-scale charity stream, to take place in mid-March.

The stream is expected to run anywhere from eight to twelve hours, depending on the number of performers interested in contributing to the show.

The stream will consist of multiple segments, each featuring a particular skillset or group of performers. Set lengths are currently set at 20 minutes, allowing for three performers per hour. XPR Labs’ Head of Communications Sullivan Huebner anticipates that there will be sufficient interest for at least 10 hours worth of content.

The company is leaning on its existing VR event organizer partners, including Nyx Entertainment, Artifex, and Midnight Melodies, to help provide staffing, logistical support, and performers.

While the exact details for the show are not yet set in stone, Huebner hopes to see a donation pool of two to three thousand dollars, to be contributed directly to the American Red Cross.