JobCon 2022 planning underway

February 12, 2022
Sullivan Huebner | [email protected]

XPR Events has announced the development of JobCon 2022, slated to run at the end of April or May.

The first edition, JobCon 2021, ran in September of last year. The conference was a breakout success, drawing over 65,000 visits over three days, setting a world record for attendance, and creating a devoted, grassroots following.

While the previous conference featured only 48 exhibitors, ~12 speakers, and a handful of auxiliary events, the second edition is set to be significantly larger. This year, XPR Events intends to host nearly ten times as many exhibitors, twice as many speakers and panelists, and auxiliary entertainment events at least 16 hours out of the day.

Given the success of the first edition, and the growing interest in a second edition, JobCon 2022 is anticipated to be the largest event of its kind so far. Early estimates expect over 100,000 visits, with the likelihood of far more.

The show’s development is still in early planning phases, with regular meetings occurring between XPR Events leadership to set details, and sales leads already being established with potential exhibitors and sponsors.