Top 5 International Venues

Looking for the right place to host your next event? Here are our 5 favorite venues from across the world:

1. The Stuttering Goose, London, United Kingdom

Best for: Music, Conferences

Yes, there’s a sign outside warning people not to throw things at the owls in the Stuttering Goose. But it doesn’t stop the owls from enjoying a glass of bubbly from time to time, along with a plate of scones.

There are two “Stuttering Geese” in London. One is at the British Museum, and the other is on a riverbank near the University of Westminster.

2. Bodega Bay Golf Club, Bodega Bay, California

Best for: Relaxation, Golf

This club sits on the northern end of the Sonoma Coast and is lined with tall pines and steep-sided coves. A bay featuring small, glass-bottomed boats allows for private boat tours of the scenic bay and a public beach offers fishing, swimming and surfing for kids and teens. Other amenities include a tennis court and clubhouse, a par-3 golf course, barbecue facilities and multiple dining options.

3. Esperanza Resort & Spa, Montezuma, New Mexico

Best for: Dining, Wellness, Adventure

This four-star boutique property serves as a wellness retreat that also offers a golf course and tennis courts. The 11-acre property includes an infinity-edge pool, a Teton Mountain Lodge for yoga, several hiking trails and stunning natural surroundings. The mountain lodge also offers local meals like Navajo tacos and fried green chile cheeseburgers.

4. Nihiwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Best for: Nature, Beauty and Luxury

This boutique resort is known for its ultra-luxurious amenities, outdoor activities, custom landscaped gardens, cutting-edge beauty treatments and high-end art. Each of the three lodges offers a living roof where guests can enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset. The best part? The waterfalls. The overhanging jungle canopy opens up to a series of smaller waterfalls. Guests can swim through them or watch the kids.

5. Bali Island, Bali, Indonesia

Best for: Adventure, Relaxation, Amenities

At this pink-hued tropical oasis in Ubud, guests stay in rooms that face the ocean, a plunge pool and private pools. There’s a gym, spa, private pool, beachfront restaurant, pools for children and the largest swimming pool on the island. Located across a lagoon from the harbor and facing a volcano, it’s an unforgettable spot to watch the sun rise.

— GlobalGrind editor Scott Huver contributed to this story.

Disclaimer: This post was written by an AI, as a placeholder. The content is entirely fictional.

  1. Scott Huver

    Nice, thanks for the feature! Might just do a special “XPRE” blend on the next run of GlobalGrind brand coffee 😉

    1. Sullivan H.

      Always looking for more of that sweet bean juice, Scott, we’d love that! Now I just have to convince my boss to expense a new brand of coffee for me <.<

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